shweClassifieds - Classifieds Script

shweClassifieds was professionally designed and developed based on MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller) using Joomla framework.


shweClassifieds Version 4.0

better than ever


New Classifieds Features in Version 4.0

shweClassifieds version 4 is ready to go with the latest Joomla version 3.4. Our Package installer will make installation process simple and will set up template, modules and component settings with one step installation.
New version comes with Bootstrap 3 new template. New responsive template will make sure your site can fit in any devices. It also comes with 7 color theme and custom color can be easily selected.

whatsapp share
New version is integrated with whatsapp share so that visitors can easily share the interesting Ads with their friends from whatsapp.
SMS Seller
Visitors can easily sms or call the seller from their mobile phone when they are browsing ads from mobile.

Mobile Adsense
The rise in mobile phone traffic is one of the factors that we can't ignore. Mobile adsense allows site owner to earn more from increasing mobile traffic. Responsive adsense will make sure it is displayed properly on all the devices.
Mobile Gallery
New version comes with mobile gallery which can display the ads with photos on the homepage. It is mobile responsive and work well for both portrait and landscape mode. Both free or paid ads can be displayed on homepage gallery.

6 theme color scheme Flat Design
New mobile version comes with 6 theme color scheme flat design.

Other Useful Features

  • Smart Suggest
  • Multilingual Content
  • Form Assistant
  • Agelock feature
  • Search directly in sub category
  • SEO friendly city/country links
  • Event Feature
  • Auto conversion of Youtube URL to embedded video
  • Change and upload category icons easily from Admin
  • Custom meta title,description and keywords for each city / country
  • Custom meta title,description and keywords for each category
  • Clickable link in description
  • Support icons for sub category
  • Easy to integrate with other Joomla extensions

15 Existing Key Features of shweClassifieds

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.4.x or above
  • MySQL 5.0.4 or above
  • Apache 2.x or above
  • GD Library Support for PHP
  • Apache mod_rewrite extension installed for SEO URLs
  • Support for cron jobs
  • Wildcard subdomain support
  • Recommended Hosting

What will you get ?

  • Free Professional Installation of Joomla 3 System
  • shweClassifieds component
  • shweClassifieds Feature Ad Module
  • shweClassifieds Photo Ads Module
  • shweClassifieds Post Ad Button Module
  • shweClassifieds Event Module
  • shweClassifieds Ads on Google Map Module
  • shweClassifieds SponsorLink/ Ad Module
  • shweClassifieds TagCloud Module
  • shweClassifieds Search Ad Module
  • shweClassifieds Login Module
  • shweClassifieds ShowCategory Module
  • Facebook Like Box Module
  • shweClassifieds Horizontal Ad Module
  • shweClassifieds Vertical Ad Module x 2
  • shweClassifieds Template (7 Theme Color)
  • shweClassifieds Change City Module
  • shweClassifieds City listing Module
  • shweClassifieds Front City/Country listing Module
  • Create Unlimited Cities
  • Preloaded 213 Countries with some majors cities
  • Single-domain Lifetime License
  • 1 Year free support and updates


User/Ad Owner Options

  • Add New Ad
  • Easy Photos Uploading (Maximum allowed photos will be set by Admin)
  • Insert Facebook Badge or Facebook Link
  • Insert tag for better searching learn more
  • Enter Address, Zip or Postal code to show the location on Google Map learn more
  • Preview the ad before posting
  • TinyMCE Editor for easy customization of description
  • Advanced Search
  • Browse Ads by Categories
  • RSS feed for Recent Ads learn more
  • RSS feed for each category learn more
  • View all ads by Owner
  • Contact Ad Owner via the form
  • Email to friends about the ad
  • Share the ads easily on facebook, MySpace, Google and more ...
  • Print the ad and its map nicely without including banner and adsense with one click
  • Report about the Ads which are not suitable or spam
  • Registration (Set by Admin)
  • Edit profile after login
  • Edit Ads after login
  • Delete Ads after login
  • Relisting the ad without adding a new ad after login or via monthly email.
  • Listing as Featured Ad (Set by Admin)
  • Set own default City (World Classifieds) NEW!

Admin Options

  • Full CSS Control from Admin section
  • Support Multiple Admin to manage the system
  • Support Joomla native ACL (Access Control List) NEW!
  • Limit number of free Ad per account NEW!
  • Set approval method for new ad (Manual/ Email) learn more
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Photo Settings learn more
  • Manage Price Plans learn more
  • Add New Ads
  • Suspend Ads
  • Delete Ads
  • Edit Ads
  • Set price field as optional or compulsory
  • Resend activation email to user
  • Ban User
  • Ban User's IP
  • Manage Categories/Sub Categories
  • Create more than one Category with same settings by one click
  • Set Custom Google Map icon for each category.
  • Admin can easily upload more Custom Google Map icon.
  • Set Warning text which will be shown on add new ad page for each category
  • Integrated Paypal Payment Gateway
  • Accept Credit/Debit Card payment via Paypal gateway
  • Payment mode can be in Test or Live mode
  • Change language for Paypal Payment page easily
  • View transaction history of Featured Ads and Pay Per Ad
  • Set number of featured ads to show on ad listing page and homepage
  • Send weekly/monthly relist email (Done by cronjob)
  • Mass Mailing to Both Registered and Unregistered Users
  • Bad Word Filter
  • Used Image Verification for form submission
  • Features Ads, Adsenses , Sponsored Link/Ad on homepage
  • Download Sponsored Link/Ad history in csv
  • Set cities list to show on entry frontpage or using popup layer
  • Generate XML Sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools
  • Source Code Open

Detail Descriptions

 SEO Friendly URL
  • Ad listing page and ad detail page will have user friendly URLs which will help to improve SEO for the website
  • Page title and Meta description are dynamically changed on ad detail page, ad listing page and search result page.

SEO Friendly URL
 Multi-Level Categories
  •  shweClassifieds supports multi-level categories. Example: Vehicles > Used Cars for sale > Toyota > Wish.
  •  Multi-level categories will help users to browse ads efficiently.

Multi-Level Categories
 Unlimited Price Plan for each category
  •  To go along with multi-level categories, shweClassifieds provides unlimited price plan for each category. Example: 7 days Featured ad for Car Category is $10, 7 days featured ad for house/Flat is $20 and 15 days featured ad for house/Flat is $25.
  •  Each category can have unlimited Pay per Ad Price Plan too. Admin can set whether to allow users to post Free or Pay per ad for each category.

Unlimited Price Plan
 Easy Google Map Integration (Support Street View)
  • shweClassifieds comes with Ads on Google Map Module which shows the location of the Ad on Google map if user enter address, zip code or postal code.
  • Showing location on map is important especially for Ads which provide services (Example: Learning Center, workshop) and Ads for which user needs to do self collection.
  • Admin can set customized icons for each category to display on Google Map.
  • shweClassifieds supports Street View on Google Map.

Ad Location on Map
 Revenue Generation from Featured Ads, Google Adsense and Sponsored Ads/Banner
  •  Featured Ad are showing on homepage and all other pages on right panel. They are randomly displayed and admin can easily set how many featured Ads to display in module setting.
  •  Moreover, featured ads are displayed on top of the ad listing page. System will only display the corresponding feature ads which is related to the category user is viewing. By doing so, featured ads will have more hit counts.
  •  Three horizontal google adsense will be displayed on ad detail page and two on ad listing page. Vertical google adsense will be displayed on right panel and one horizontal google adsense will be displayed on homepage.
  •  Sponsored Ads/Banner will be displayed on home page and ad listing page.

Google Adsense
 Integrated Tag System for Ad
  • Users can add Tags to their ads. Tags will help the user find the appropriate ads easily.
  • When users do searching, the result page will contain tags which contain the words that user is searching.
  • Admin can set the maximum allowed tag and default tags for each category.

Integrated Tag System for Ad
 Integrated Message System for Ad
  • User can write message for each ad.
  • Admin can set whether owner of the ad will be notified by email if someone writes comment for their ads.
  • Owner of the ad can remove the message for their ad after login to the system..

Integrated Message System
 Integrated Media RSS (MRSS)
  • Media RSS is a revolutionary way for classifieds system to share and give new browsing experiment to users.
  • shweClassifieds's Media RSS can be used with Google AJAX Feed API (AJAX Slide Show), Cooliris and other MRSS Feed players.

Media RSS (MRSS)
 Integrated XML Sitemap Generator
  • Create an XML sitemap which can be submitted to Google, Yahoo and other search engines to help them crawl your website better.
  • Sitemap will include all the available categories and ad links.

XML Sitemap Generator
 Powerful Sponsored Link/Ads Manager (Pay-Per-Click Advertising Ready)
  • The script can't be claimed to be a good script if it doesn't allow site owner to advertise third party links, ads and banners efficiently.
  • Admin can set the number of sponsored links to be displayed under the ad listing page and homepage.
  • Sponsored Link/Ads can be displayed by city, by category or for all cities.
  • Sponsored Link/Ads can be pre-configured when to start and when to expire. System will take care of it automatically.
  • If the total sponsored Links/Ads are more than the number of sponsored links to be displayed, the system will randomly display the sponsored Links/Ads.
  • Impressions and Clicks for each sponsored Links/Ads will be managed and kept by the system.
  • Admin can export click history for each sponsored Links/Ads in csv format for Pay-Per-Click Advertising.
  • Click history includes date and time of the click and IP of the user's computer.

Sponsored Link/Ads Manager
 Powerful Admin Ad Manager
  •  Using powerful Admin Ad Manager, admin can do daily administration of ads easily. Ads can be filtered by today, today new ad, yesterday, yesterday new ad and last 7 days. Admin can also search ads by email or any keywords.
  •  Admin can ban Email or IP easily from Ad manager. If someone reports the ad as spam or inappropriate, admin will receive email from the system and title of the reported ad will be hightlighted using red box in Ad Manager.
  •  Admin can resend the activation email to the user with just one click. There are a lot more things that admin can do in Ad Manager.

Admin Ad Manager
 Multilingual Support
  • Currently, shweClassifieds installer comes with English text only. But, both front-end(User section) and Admin section can be easily translated into any other languages.

Multilingual Support
 Multi-City Search
  • Multi-City Search allows users to search for ads across the whole system rather than the city in which the user is visiting.
  • Users can save time for searching city by city.
  • This feature is only available for multiple cities version.

 RSS feed for recent ads and each category
  •  RSS is one of the essential features for modern website. It allows the user to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites they are interested in.
  •  shweClassifieds supports RSS feed for recent ads and each category. Some users may only interest in certain categories (e.g., Services). In this case, user can just subscribe for particular category. Admin can set how many ads to display for RSS feed.

RSS feed
 Manage Photo Setting
 Enable/Disable allow photo upload.
 Set thumbnail and Actual image size.
 Set maximum allowed photo to upload.

Manage Photo Setting
 Manage Price Plans
  •  Each category can have unlimited price plan with different duration.
  •  Price plan can be used for feature ad or Pay per ad plan.
  •  Default price plan will be used if no price plan is assigned to the category.

Manage Price Plans
 Approval Method for New Ad
  •  There are two methods to approve the new ads.
  •  Manual Approval. Admin will manually approve the ad after ad has been posted. Admin can set whether to receive notification email for new ad from system.
  •  Email Approval. System will send activation email to user's email and user has to confirm by clicking the ad from the email.


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